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Do you feel like you could perform at a higher level?

Do you want to achieve more?

Do you feel you are being left behind?

Need a dose of enthusiasm?

Do you want to be in control of you future?

Do you want to develop new meaningful relationships?

FutureMapping will:

Enable individuals to design and fulfil futures that are generated, and to release the tremendous untapped potential within us all.

Coach individuals in living lives they love, in realising their aims and goals in life, and on-goingly generating their designed futures.

The programme will cover the origins of behaviour, provide insights and understanding into ourselves, and with the commitment to participate, the materials and exercises will be an enjoyable experience you will never forget. Delegates will understand and relate to the barriers to success and be able to break through these barriers to fully realise their true potential.

The programme will provide individuals with many techniques to develop their personal power and help eliminate stress and fatigue and on completing the programme individuals will be able to communicate with their personal coach at regular intervals whenever they feel like and join other people on their journey to success.

Just imagine living your life to the full, in total control of your destiny

The open courses are in 3 separate stages each taking 1 day.

Introduction to the incredible power that we all have at our disposal.

- Day 2 - The Origins of Behaviour
Why we do things

Why we are all different

How we can change

How we can understand others

Overcoming fears and worries

Reducing stress

What if?

- Day 3 - HOW TO MAINTAIN A POSITIVE FUTURE Creating your future

Techniques for life

Dealing with other people


Planning ahead

Introducing your coach

You only book one day ahead, so there is no risk. If you don't think this is for you, you can stop at any time (nobody has yet).

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Go on ..... you know you are worth it!

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