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A Good Nights Sleep

I am not an expert in sleeping disorders and from my experience, there are several reasons that people find difficulty in getting off to sleep or keep waking during the night. Therefore one solution will not solve all these issues, but I have noticed that a common type od sleeplessness occurs when you can’t stop thinking about things and thoughts keep “buzzing around” in your mind.  

We have found that this is quite a common occurrence and thankfully one that can be resolved quite simply. 

Keep A Daily Journal

One of our FutureMapping tools is a Daily Journal which is just a way of ensuring your subconscious knows that you have everything covered. that is to say,yYou will do what you know you have to do and that it (your subconscious) can now relax.

All you do is at the end of the day is to write down what you need to do tomorrow (or in the future).  In the morning you need to refer to this and agree to do what you can do today.  At the end of the day, you look at your list and mark off what you have done.  There might have been other things that you accomplished write them down also.

Value Your Accomplishments

Take a while to appreciate how effective you think your day was and write down what you need to do tomorrow. and start the process again.

If you do wake in the night write thinking what you need to do, write it down on a pad you keep by the bedside. in the morning add it to your tasks

Using our online tool you can also keep a track of how you are spending your time to ensure your work, home and self balance is in place.  If this is out of balance it can also cause sleeplessness and fatigue.

Writing down and keeping track of all this seems to have a pacifying impact upon our minds. and whats, even more surprising it doesn’t have to be complete and entire just the process itself seems to have a calming effect upon the subconscious.

Our Daily Journal is available free of charge and is web-based and accessible via smartphones and tablets etc from our website simply register to get access.



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