Starting Out

Ok so we understand that you haven’t yet purchased FutureMapping but we are keen for you to start to think about the principles upon which FutureMapping is founded. 

Available to you free of charge are three key elements. the Life Quiz. which looks at your current situation (Work, Home and Self Balance i.e. where are you now.  “Your Purpose” and “What Success Means To Me” are your destination on this journey of life.  when you have achieved those 2 things then you have arrived.  however thay arelike scratchpads that you can ammend as you start to work through the programme and perhaps see things from a different perspective.  By the way I have never seen anyone identify their purpose immediately, but have a go!

The lesson that follows is really an introduction into the world of FutureMapping.  

If you found that interesting or challenging and want to talk to a coach then  book an appointment  here. It’s free.