The Life Quiz

Every now and then we ought to take stock of where we are with our lives. Only by recognising this at a point in time can we see where we need to move to and in the future recognise how far we have travelled.

This exercise also lets us look at our life in the round as sometimes the real issue is obscured by fog.

This quiz will always be available to you (and only you) to review when you feel apropriate. Some subject matters might be difficult to confront but most people believe that this is the real starting point, a recognition of what we need to resolve.

“Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr


When you look at your results of the life quiz, ideally you should think of the scores as the size of the circles.  These circles need to be both in balance and as large as possible.

This assesment sometimes helps people understand where they are at the moment, and forms the basis for discussion.

Where Am I? An Assessment

When you have finished the quiz.  Think through the results. Are there any surprises? Should something be scoring more?

Very often people do the quiz and then repeat it   and this time they are brutally honest when they realise there isn’t a catch!  Don’t worry it’s only for you.  You can review it again in the future.

You might now start to formulate some ideas of what success would feel like.  It’s useful to get these ideas in writing.  try to describe what success would feel like think how you would feel?

FutureMapping has a built in system called The Compass that keeps track of this for you and allows you to review your success.  

If something is worrying you or you are interested in how to overcome obstacles that are preventing you from being the real you then why not talk this over with a FutureMapping Coach?   You can book your free initial appointment here


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