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Just a Thought!

As Grandad, Sam Turner, said to his sons when they were once faced with people problems.

"If it wasn’t for staff, business would be really easy. There wouldn’t be any problems! We wouldn’t have a business"

In other words, dealing with people issues is not optional!

Simple But Not Easy!

For people to be giving their all at work they need to be content at home and also feel like they are achieving! The famous “Keep my people happy” brief to the newly appointed HR Director by W Clement Stone is probably the simplest job description given to anyone.  However, as Art Neiman found out whilst he was doing his “rounds”, he spent most of his time fixing flickering lightbulbs above the desk of staff and helping with issues with their personal relationships at home.  

He realised that everyone was different, their needs were different and very often were not directly work related.  There wasn’t one simple thing that would fix everything.

He soon found out that his brief was simple but not easy!

However What If?

We were able to have a development programme that:

  • worked quietly & continually in the background without any intervention from your organisation
  • ensured new starters were  up to speed quickly
  • addressed at three areas Work- Home -Self
  • was managed by your people themselves
  • released their natural talents and energy
  • creates drive and enthusiasm
  • makes them feel valued
  • reduces tension and increases performance

The basic system costs $3 a week per person (which we recommend they pay for themselves) 

Uncertain of the Way Forward?

Occasionally It all becomes Clear

How Come I Have Not Heared About This Before?

Well that’s quite simple, It’s only recently that Peter Turner decided to put together a lifetimes work of business consulting and people development into a simple package so that everyone can benefit.  After a short period of retirement, He realised that it was not yet the time for this, and with the recent development of online learning and remote coaching, scaleability is possible without losing quality or having to create a large business again.  This in turn reduces costs dramatically making it available for everyone. We are also able to tailor programmes to specific industries/applications.

We have used the technology of FutureMapping for 30 years and as UK Master Distributors of TTI Success Insights, our underpinning knowledge and application of human behaviour, driving forces, E.Q. and personal acumen is significant and substantial.

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