Journal of Accomplisments 

We have noticed that the act of reviewing and recognising your accomplishments at the end of the day is beneficial to your contentment and appreciation of yourself.  Also writing down what needs doing allows the mind to feel assured that you now will not forget and it can slow down stop worrying and now go to sleep!  

  • So first review the tasks that that were due today. have you completed them? 
  • Yes means you mark off as completed and they dissapear off this list
  • No? if they still need doing just leave them on.  if you dont need to do them anymore mark completed and if they arent very urgent but still need doing mark them “future”.
  • Next write simple oneliners of the things you have been doing (dont forget to mark WSH.)  if you still need to do it tomorrow as well then mark today and active.  (This is a very important step)
  • Next think about tomorrow.  What tasks do you need to complete.  Write them up and mark aropriately
  • Finally look at the balance sort by WSH  Are you missing something?
  • Then forget it untill tomorrow.
  • Remind yourself in the morning

userid wdt_ID Task Troija T or F Completed
userid Task Troija T or F Completed