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The Life Quiz

Measure your life satisfaction score for free by taking our work-home-self balance quiz. Use it to make sure you have your life in balance. It also helps you to identify areas that perhaps you need to change or work on in order to become whole.
Before you start a journey you need to know where you are and it’s a big help in deciding where you want get to!
This is normally part of the FutureMapping course but people are requesting this to be made available so that they can ask their friends to complete it as well.  Seems like a good idea!

What you will discover

The quiz takes into consideration three things: Work, Home, and Self.

There are the three main elements that make you who you are and how you live your life.

Many of us are not aware of how we balanace our time and energy – maybe you’re too busy to even consider it. 

This short quiz will ask you a variety of 30 questions so you can begin to understand what areas of your life are out of sync and how you can improve.

Take The Free Life Quiz

Take the free Life Quiz and find out if your life is in balance and if any areas can be improved!  You will need to register so that your responses are held against your details. You will then be able to review them in the future.

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