Maintaining the FutureMap

Your FutureMap is maintained by a daily journal /map review routine

  1. .Review the map

    1. What’s my purpose

    2. How will I feel when I have achieved my objectives

    3. How will I feel when I have won the games,

    4. How will I feel when I have scored the goals

  2. The Journal

    1. What went well (did I achieve any tasks)

    2. What could be better

    3. What do I need to do tomorrow (update tasks)

  3. Play your Feelie!

Review Your Map Here

This is your current “To Do” List

Please ensure you pay equal attention Work, Home and Self categories

Critical question!

Are the tasks that you are undertaking on a daily basis actually working towards your goals?

Yes?  Then on track   No?  Review goals or change tasks.