Maintaining the FutureMap


Your FutureMap is maintained by a daily journal /map review routine

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  1. .Review the map

    1. What’s my purpose

    2. How will I feel when I have achieved my objectives

    3. How will I feel when I have won the games,

    4. How will I feel when I have scored the goals

  2. The Journal

    1. What went well (did I achieve any tasks)

    2. What could be better

    3. What do I need to do tomorrow (update tasks)

  3. Play your Feelie!

Review Your Map Here

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This is your current “To Do” List

Please ensure you pay equal attention Work, Home and Self categories

Critical question!

Are the tasks that you are undertaking on a daily basis actually working towards your goals?

Yes?  Then on track   No?  Review goals or change tasks.


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