What success looks like for me

So you have looked at yout life quiz i.e.. where you are now.  It’s time  to imagine  what success feels like for you.  We recognise that this might be difficult so take your time,  this is important.

Whatever you feel is a barrier or a problem think of the ideal situation if it was resolved.  Just pick the thing that is troubling you the most.

You can write directly onto the screen and retrieve it again when you login in the future.  No one else can see your work, unless you give permission.

We do not recommend that you share this information with anyone other than your coach. 

Out of kindness people often steal your dreams by suggesting this solution or that option. This is what works for them and it probably won’t for you

To get a sneak peak of what FutureMapping entails you can visit courses and a video explaining about how to use this website which is usually available to new subscribers.  If you subscribe you will get access to the Compass and daily routines that will enable you to create your own success.