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Thought provoking – yes. Highbrow psycology – no.  However it was described by Professor Boulton formerly of Keele University as the most powerful mind developing technology he had witnessed!

We prefer to think of it as technology that is understandable and available to us all, but obscured from view by time and unhelpful thinking. 

Getting Started

An introduction into the world of FutureMapping. For people who want to get their mental gym working ASAP. Gives guidance on how to start using the basic parts of the compass.
Comes with free coaching session to assist you.

Defining Your Purpose

Additional help for those of us who find defining their purpose challenging. Only until you define this can truly start to live as yourself as M People say, a feeling supreme


The course distilled from twenty years of training and coaching. Completion of this course enables you to purchase advanced courses including the Gears coaching programme and other fascinating understanding into human behaviours.

The Behavioural Onion

Available here simply because people keep requesting this session. It's a real insight into why we as humans do the things we do.