About Your Compass

When you get lost in life, you need a Compass!

Your Compass is a set of five tools that help you define what you want out of life, how to achieve it and stay on track.

Through a series of daily tasks, you can start taking control of your life and achieve your goals.

Your Compass keeps your mind focused on what’s important in your life.

Your Compass contains five interactive tools

Your Purpose

Here you define your purpose. Not sure what it is? Listen to M Peoples’ Search For The Hero.   

Success Defined

Success is different for us all.  it really helps us to work out and define what success is for us 


Simple techniques for us to draw on daily that keep our mind creating the things we want it to.  Only available when you also purchase the FutureMapping Course.

Task Ticker

A journal of acomplishments which shows you just how effective you really are. It’s a surefire way that we can ensure our life is in balance and get a good nights sleep.

Personal Promises

The main tool to ensure the mind is working for you not against you. It helps you to build the dendrites or neural pathways that lead to your mind automatically delivering success.  It just works!

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Think of your compass as a mental gym!

It is really easy for your physical body to lose its tone and stamina. Just spending 10 or 15 minutes working out even if that isnt too vigourous makes a massive difference.  The same is true for your mind.  

A mental workout doesn’t increase the performance of your mind, but it does allow you to reinforce or change thinking patterns.  

These are techniques used by high performance sportspeple but are equally important for us, if we want to achieve what we desire and deserve.  

Access Your Compass

To get access to your Compass you can simply subscribe by paying  £3 a week.  You can stop at any time. 

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